sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Foucault :)

I consider Foucault an important man who contributed so much to the social science. He was born in France in 1926, and died in 1984. He was a historian, philosopher and a social theorist. He was recognized for his critical studies of social institutions, like psychiatry, medicine and prison systems. He worked in topics like power, power relations, knowledge and discourse, being a great critic of contingent topics.

Foucault it is very important because it includes social issues in the study of psychology, as well as criticized it´s structure and criticized the psychology like discipline of normalizing power, achieving a questioning about it.

He wrote many important books for the social sciences, such as “surveillance and punishment”, “the words and the things”, “the history of madness”, etc.

I like Foucault because I think that he was able to make others question their own discipline, changing the approach that we have about the discipline. I also like he because he offers a critical view of reality, including new concepts like governmentability and biopower. 

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  1. I never heard about him, but I think that criticized psychology is an exercises that we have to realized.

  2. i heard about him, people told me that he is a great man, I really want to read him :)

  3. i love foucault <3 why i didn´t think about him?