jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

technology in your pants

Well, really I don`t like the technology, because I don´t understand it. I know that technology is useful, but I don`t like it, the technological things have so much buttons, keys and wires, that`s stressfulL. As well as stressful, I think the technology never works when you want, it always fail in the worst moments, when you really need it (like the printer). I think I had a bad experience with technology. Anyway, every day I have to use the technology (above all the computer and the microwave, that’s inventions are necessary for me jejeje).

I`m not a technological person, I like the old things, more simple and essentials (for example I like the old and big photographic cameras).

But I found (Thanks to Miguel) a funny technological invention, the keyboard trousers jajaja. The keyboard trouser is useless, but is comic and comfortable jajaja. That invention is for lazy people (like Miguel jajaja No, is a jokeJ).     

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012


I have been to a many concerts in my life, but the funniest concert was Calle 13 concert. This group has been many times to Chile (more of four times), but I see them only one time. I went to see them in 2009, in the theater Caupolican, in Santiago.

I went to the concert with my sister and a friend, the experience was very funny, we dancing a lot (all of the concert), then I was very tired, I had a legs ache jajajaja. This is the show I have enjoyed most in my short life.

The group was very nice and expressive with the public. The vocalist interacted a lot with people; He had a communicative way to do the concert. For that the concert was so enjoyable.

I really want to see them again, but is so expensive go to the concertsL, I hope that’s change.  

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Part of my life

I was born 19 years ago, in October of 1992 in Santiago. Now, I live in La Florida (when I was little I lived in the field) with my mother and my little sister. Well, she has 17 years old, she´s not so little. Oh, also I live with my two dogs :), Alf and Hippie.

When I was little I liked to go to school jajaja, I was always in the same school, from kindergarten to high school. Going to school was funny, because the school was an alternative way of teach, more hippie and relaxed. In my school, called Latino cordillera, I met my best friends and I made very good friendships.
And then, after leaving the high school I entered to studying Psychology at Universidad de Chile, and well, this is my second year and I like so much the career.

I don´t know if I have hobbies, but I like dance (in the holidays I learned to dance Polynesian dances jajaja) and I love animals (for that I´m vegetarian five years ago). Also I love travelling (see new places and cultures), especially backpacking. The Last year I travelled to Valle del Elqui, and the year before I went to Chiloe, I love it. 


jueves, 5 de abril de 2012


Hi, my name is Luana and I studying psychology, this is my second year. I have 19 years old.
This is my first blog, I hope I can use this web site, because I don't understand the technology.
I like see movies, listen music and read, so I will comment things like that in my blog.
Well, also I hope learn English in a different and funny way (because I don't like English)... reading, listening, and seeing the blogs of my classmates :).

That is all, dear classmates.