jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


Well, in compare with English two (where we don´t have blog) I liked more English three, and I think too that I learn more. This can be perhaps because in English two we have three hours of English classes doing oral, listening and speaking activities, and that was boring and punishing. Were many hours doing the same.

Instead, I prefer have one hour doing the blog, because the activity is more free, you can write what you want (about a topic, obviously). Also I think that you learn more, because you have to search new words, how to write the sentences, and you write about the things that you like (as possible). For that I feel that I improve my English (In the ability to write more fluently), and I enjoy, as possible, the experience to have a blog, well, because I don’t really like the English jejeje and I´m don’t have many skills for this language.

The most important advantage of having a blog, are that the experience of the English classes (including the two blocks) becomes more enjoyable, dynamic, and less tedious.

It was a good experience; I hope that in English four we have a class to do a blog. 

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  1. I think too that was a good experience the blog! =B

  2. i love english 3 <3 ajaja (but i hate english 2? xd )