domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

a picture

Well, I really like this picture. Because I think that the landscape is beautiful and this picture brings me good memories. This picture was taken for the boyfriend of my mother (He takes very good pictures) in one day that we were to the mountain, we walked a lot. The experience was exhausting but nice (above all in the end, in the mountaintop).

This picture shows the view of the city from the mountaintop (luckily the sky was not so dirty with smog) and shows me with my boyfriend. The picture was taken in the last year, I don’t remember the month, but was in summer or spring (I think).  I remember that after to climbing the mountain we went to my house and we ate and slept a lot jajaja we were so tired.  But was beautiful can see the entire city from the top. I felt very small in comparison with the city and the landscape.