jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


Well, in compare with English two (where we don´t have blog) I liked more English three, and I think too that I learn more. This can be perhaps because in English two we have three hours of English classes doing oral, listening and speaking activities, and that was boring and punishing. Were many hours doing the same.

Instead, I prefer have one hour doing the blog, because the activity is more free, you can write what you want (about a topic, obviously). Also I think that you learn more, because you have to search new words, how to write the sentences, and you write about the things that you like (as possible). For that I feel that I improve my English (In the ability to write more fluently), and I enjoy, as possible, the experience to have a blog, well, because I don’t really like the English jejeje and I´m don’t have many skills for this language.

The most important advantage of having a blog, are that the experience of the English classes (including the two blocks) becomes more enjoyable, dynamic, and less tedious.

It was a good experience; I hope that in English four we have a class to do a blog. 

jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

summer :)

Really I love summer. Many people hate the summer and heat, but I don’t understand it. I don´t know how the people prefer the winter and cold days, I think that the cold days (or winter in general) are very sad and melancholic, and don´t like thisL.   Instead in the summer the people are happy and friendly, that´s nice.

The other think that I like of the summer is dress me with a few clothes. That is so comfortable, that makes me feel free jajaja. I hate be with a lot of layers of clothes, that is so uncomfortable. Also I always have cold although I use a lot of clothes.  

I like the hot weather, I think that feel heat is so nice and enjoyable (well, but not in excess). When the weather is hot I feel like to go out, take a walk, travel and do many things. But in the winter I only want sleep and be in my home, that like´s me, but not every day, that is boring.
Sometimes I feel that in winter I´m unsociable jajaja.

For that I prefer the summer, I love it. Also in summer are holidaysJ, and time to travel and go out.

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012


Its difficult chooses a place, but I think that I choose my old house of the infancy in the country, because this place brings me back old and good memories (sometime I just want to return), I spent very good moments there.

When I was five years old I lived in a big plot, located near of Paine, far from the city. I lived here only one year. It had a big house and a big yard (according to my memories jajaja), and sometimes had wild animals, like horses, cows, rabbits, foxes, etc. Also we had (my family and me) an orchard and fruit trees (I liked it so much), as well it had a river and a little lake.

When I lived in this place, I liked play with my sister all of the day in the yard, we ride in tricycle (jaja) and bicycle, we played with our dogs, and in summer we played with water, and we went to the river jaja that was very funny for me, brings to me good memories.

In my memories it was a beautiful place, I hope that remains the same. 

sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Foucault :)

I consider Foucault an important man who contributed so much to the social science. He was born in France in 1926, and died in 1984. He was a historian, philosopher and a social theorist. He was recognized for his critical studies of social institutions, like psychiatry, medicine and prison systems. He worked in topics like power, power relations, knowledge and discourse, being a great critic of contingent topics.

Foucault it is very important because it includes social issues in the study of psychology, as well as criticized it´s structure and criticized the psychology like discipline of normalizing power, achieving a questioning about it.

He wrote many important books for the social sciences, such as “surveillance and punishment”, “the words and the things”, “the history of madness”, etc.

I like Foucault because I think that he was able to make others question their own discipline, changing the approach that we have about the discipline. I also like he because he offers a critical view of reality, including new concepts like governmentability and biopower.