jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012


Really, I like to travel all over the world, but I think that is a bit difficultL, it´s very sad (but I hope to do at some moment). Being a little more realists I like to go to every countries of Latin America. I would like travel, know, and learn about the different countries, above all Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay, because I like the people who live there, the culture, weather, etc. Also I think that in these places are many things to learn, that not known or not be valued. For that I think is important learn to Latin America culture.

I don’t know too much about these countries, but I’m interesting in there indigenous and native tradition, because in this places the old tradition is preserve. Well, I like to do many things, travel all of the country and known deeply the different traditions and lifestyles.

I like to study and work in these places. Study the different cultures and work with these (like a social psychologist jaja). Well, this is my dream jajajaja.      

6 comentarios:

  1. ooooh! i hope go to Bolivia and Perù =B

  2. i think your dream is beautiful, follow it. oh! by the way, i love the latinamerican culture too, i hope visit those countries one day...

  3. braziiiil! (8) tananana nananana! (8) it's all I think when I read "brazil (8)" :) Beautiful dream !