jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

My childhood cartoon

Actually I don´t watch too much TV, because I don’t like it or I don´t take the time for that...I don´t know. But in my childhood I remember that I watched some TV shows (I liked the cartoons), my favourite TV program, or animated cartoon, was Sailor Moon.

I really love it, because the history was so exiting, in each episode Sailor moon with her friends (the other sailors) had to confront with the villains, and Sailor Moon always won. Also Sailor Moon had a romantic history; she was in love with Tuxedo Mask, he appears in the battles to help Sailor Moon (so nice jajaja), but they were unknown in the real life. That was so exiting; I became eager with this history.

When I was little I loved the Sailor moon character, I wanted to be like she jajaja. She could to transform in a heroine and then be again the student, I wanted that jajajaja, and it was my dream.        

I hope that you too have seen Sailor Moon in your infancy :)

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